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Do I have to pay deposit?

Yes. You must pay security deposit to rent any of our properties.

the deposit is usually equivalent to one months rent, however a higher deposit may strengthen your application if you wish to keep a pet or are unable to provide certain references.

Do I get my deposit back?

Your security deposit is held for the duration of your tenancy agreement.

The deposit will be returned to you in full if the landlord/agent is satisfied that the tenant has complied with all their obligation as outlined in the tenancy agreement and that no damage has been caused to either the premises or its contents. In the event that any such damage is incurred, the landlord will be entitled to deduct from the deposit any monies required to make good the damage.

Can I decorate the property?

Any work which you wish to carry out to the property must be agreed by the landlord/agent.

You should contact your landlord/agent prior to work commencing and get their consent.

Can the landlord/agent let themselves into my house?

No. The landlord and his agents must obtain prior consent from the tenant before entering the property.

With this consent, they can enter at all reasonable hours for the purpose of viewing the condition of the property.

How long is the lease?

Nearly all of our properties are rented for a period of 12 months.

In some cases the landlord may accept shorter or longer agreements but this is uncommon and totally at the discretion of each individual landlord.

Can I view the lease before signing?

Yes. In fact, we would advise that all tenants seek independent legal advise prior to signing the lease.

I have to give my current landlord 4 weeks notice. Will the new landlord wait?

In most cases, if the application is strong, the landlord will be prepared to wait the four weeks.

You will need to pay a holding deposit. More information on this can be found in our step by step letting guide.

Are the rates included in the monthly rental charge?

Yes. The rental figures you see advertised for our properties are normally inclusive of rates.

If the property is over a certain NAV then the landlord can stipulate that the rates are paid directly by the tenant but this will be clear on the advert.

Does the landlords insurance cover my contents?

No. It is your responsibility to insure your personal contents.

A quote for content insurance can be easily arranged by your quicklet agent.We also heavily recommend tenant liability insurance which covers damage to the landlords contents supplied with the property. This insurance will help protect you deposit should any accidental damage occur.

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