Tenancy Screening Form

Quicklet, Letting Agency in Belfast, Lisburn, Lurgan & Edinburgh

Below is our tenancy screening form which will determine whether we can offer you a viewing for the property. This is to reduce the amount of unnecessary footfall in our properties to safeguard you, our tenants, and also our staff. By filling out this form, you are not required to attached sensitive documents, however if you are provisionally agreed for the property you will be required to provide these at a later date. You should receive a confirmation email once you have completed the form.

Please check you have entered all details correctly:

The property

Your Details

Current Rental / Residence History

Additional Tenants

Please advise of any additional adults that will be residing in the property.

Please include: Their name and their relationship to you.

Please advise of any children that will be residing in the property.

Please include: Their name, their age and if they will be living full time/part time in the property.

Reference Criteria

The below defines what each reference entails:

  • Landlord:
    a reference supplied from agency or private, registered landlord to confirm lease length, condition of property and rental payments
  • Employment:
    company director/manager to verify salary, contract basis, length of service
  • Personal:
    professional individual not related to you who can provide a personal insight to you
  • Guarantor:
    over the age of 25
  • Guarantor must be able to provide:
    Photographic ID
    Proof of address
    Proof of income to support the rent required to co-sign lease
    Subject to credit check
    Must reside in Northern Ireland
    Annual salary/proof of funds must equal or exceed 3 times annual rent

Please indicate the references that can be provided

A guarantor is requested for all tenancies.

Supplementary Documentation

Please indicate the supplementary documentation that you can provide:

PLEASE NOTE: This information does not need to be provided until you're provisionally agreed for the property.

Income Status

If you're employed, please note:
Company name, Job title and Length of employment.


If there will be any pets residing in the property, please specify:
The amount of pets, type of pet (and breed if known) and if they're indoor/outdoor


By submitting this form I confirm that all information provided is, to the best of ,my knowledge, true. I understand my application will be screened on the information provided so if any detail should change, I will need to inform the branch responsible for the my application.

I understand if my prescreen application form is accepted for referencing, that the references will need to be contactable, written or verbal, depending on the reference option chosen. I understand I will need to provide photographic proof of supplementary documents detailed in this form, and failure to do so will result in my application being denied. I understand there is another stage to the application where I will have the option to allow quicklet to complete the referencing and credit check on my behalf for a fee, or provide the documents required myself.