Three Ways To Save Money For Landlords

Quicklet in Belfast, Lisburn, Lurgan & Edinburgh

31st May 2024

This week, we've asked our staff,

Give us 3 resources that save our landlords money! 💷

Below are the top three winners 🙌

1. Don't buy before speaking to the experts With so many regulations to adhere to for furnishings and white goods, save yourself a fortune by getting our input on what's needed when getting your property ready to let. We've had instances where landlords have forked out £££ hundreds in unused items, and we've saved £££ thousands for our clients with our easy guidance on what's really necessary.


2. Know your responsibilities Time and time again, we see landlords fork out money to fix situations that are tenant responsibilities, such as the cost of airlock removal when the tenant runs out of oil. Our expert team are here to run queries past and guide on accountability for tenants and landlords, ensuring that you are never needlessly out of pocket.


3. Take advantage of our regular valuations We regularly review rental valuations of our client's properties, and advise tenants of changes to pricing, to ensure you are always achieving the maximum income for your property. This is something landlords simply CANNOT afford to pass up; regular reviews mean more money in your pocket.