Transform Your Property Management Experience with Quicklet: A Case Study 🏡

Quicklet in Belfast, Lisburn, Lurgan & Edinburgh

27th June 2024

Around this time last year, we reached out to one of our let-only clients regarding a tenancy renewal. During this conversation, the landlord shared how managing his properties alongside the demands of his daily life and job had become overwhelming. That's when Quicklet stepped in.

🌞 A New Beginning:

We took charge of the renewal process, communicating with both the tenant and the landlord. It soon became clear that the tenant wanted to vacate. We provided the landlord with professional guidance on re-letting the property and updated him on the current market value. He was astonished to discover that by not regularly renewing the lease, the rent had fallen significantly below market value. Moreover, due to the lack of regular inspections, the property had deteriorated and was not in a state fit for re-letting.

📊 Quicklet's Proposal:

We arranged a meeting with the landlord to discuss our managed service. It quickly became evident that by neglecting the basics such as rent reviews and inspections, he had unintentionally cost himself money over the course of the tenancy. He realized that paying a monthly management fee was not just a worthwhile investment, but in this case, a money-saving decision. We conducted a valuation of his property portfolio and presented a comprehensive management proposal.

🙍‍♀️ The Outcome:

We now manage the landlord's portfolio of three properties, including one with a particularly challenging tenant. This tenant had previously caused a different property management company to return the property to the landlord. The landlord decided to sign up for our managed service due to our professionalism and respectful treatment of both him and his tenants. He trusted us to handle the transition with care, which was extremely important to him.

👋 Fast Forward to Today:

The landlord is now delighted with the service we provide, finding peace of mind in knowing that his properties and tenants are well cared for. His satisfaction with our service led him to recommend us to his brother, who is now also a managed client of ours.

🏆 Why Do Landlords Choose Quicklet?

If you’re a landlord struggling to balance property management with your daily life, we take the weight off your shoulders. Our professional and respectful approach ensures your properties and tenants are in good hands, giving you the freedom to focus on what truly matters. Reach out to us today to discover how our management services can save you time, stress, and money.